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Get tips on how to fit multiple landscape elements such as a patio, garden, pond and more in a small backyard.

Find out the benefits and drawbacks of landscaping a hillside by installing a home vineyard for grapes.

Get tips in this video on how to evaluate your landscape design budget and use it on the most important parts of your yard.

Tour this yard with a professional landscape architect to learn about large yard landscaping.

See how customizable landscape drainage caps are disguised in hardscapes to hide them from view.

Learn how to size a lawn to include space for kids to play, minimize water usage, incorporate a swing set, and more.

Watch this video to find out why it's important to loop your landscape lighting, especially on long lighting runs or steps.

Get tips on using risers to prevent sprinkler heads from getting damaged from lawn mowing or when kids are playing.

See how an existing yard is turned into a contemporary space with a pool, spa, kitchen, fountain, and patio.

See how a narrow yard can be designed to incorporate a pool, deck, fire pit, and lawn area.

See how an irrigation system with a weather station works to control the amount of water used on the landscaping.

Learn the order of a large landscape project and how long it typically takes to complete.

Get tips for choosing landscape materials for pools, patios, outdoor kitchens, and more.

Learn about the key factors in landscape design to accomodate sun and shade patterns, wind, views, and privacy.

See how this steep hillside was transformed into terraces, creating usable gardening space.

See how a steep hillside was terraced with concrete block walls to provide the homeowners with more usable outdoor space.

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