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Landscape Design Using Your Budget Wisely

Learn how to use your landscape design budget on the most important parts of your yard

A video transcript featuring Joseph Huettl, Huettl Landscape Architecture

This project involved retrofit, or renovation, of an existing yard and we had an existing swimming pool, which was not exactly movable with the given budget. But during the design process, we explored different options of how far to go with other elements.

Work with existing elements
Fairly early on, one of the things we determined was that it was worthwhile to retain the existing concrete decking. So working with the concrete decking, we cut it a little bit on the perimeter to change the perimeter shape to fit our new design. The color was already fairly neutral, we didn't have any disagreements with that, so then from there we expanded and created new walls, a new flagstone terrace, and we kept existing beautiful Japanese maples as well as some other existing trees in the back lawn above us. Then in the meantime, we incorporated a new outdoor dining area with a barbecue, a new water feature, and several other elements.

Compare design plans
During the design process, we did a fairly simple 3D model on this one, and then otherwise mostly we're working in plan view. We look at the layouts, and then during that phase, before we get into the details and the planting design, we do an itemized cost estimate of which each schematic design would generate. So we looked at a plan A and a plan B, and we looked at the potential for replacing the concrete, and for the extra cost, we didn't see enough benefit in that respect.

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