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Watch how this front yard was remodeled to be functional and modern incorporating a fire pit, dining area, lawn and more.

See how this front yard was transformed into a meadow with a gravel walkway, ornamental grasses, and oak trees.

Learn how to tie in permeable pavers with other types of paving on this property's driveway.

See how different types of ornamental grasses were used in this front yard for dramatic effect.

See how concrete steps and walls were used to make this home's entryway more welcoming.

See how this front yard was designed to include a new entryway, small lawn and a front patio.

Watch how this landscape architect created privacy in the front yard with concrete walls.

Tour this front yard landscape of concrete pavers, tile steps, and a seating area that takes advantage of an amazing view.

Hear a landscape architect explain how he selected plants and created a planting plan for a modern landscape.

See how new concrete steps and pilasters provide the look of a grand entryway in this courtyard

See how this landscape architect incorporates several mature olive trees on a project in California.

See how this modern concrete walkway was designed and learn about walkway rhythm and texture.

See how a water feature was incorporated into the wall of a front courtyard to create a soothing entrance.

See how a large concrete staircase flanked by walls and pilaster-mounted planter bowls creates a grand entrance.

See how a combination of fencing, plants and walls were used for privacy screening in this front yard.

Hear a landscape architect explain how and why concrete retaining walls were used for this front yard landscape design.

See how concrete, pea gravel, and decomposed granite are used on this patio to create a modern look.

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