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There is no right or wrong plant for a traditional garden. It is more about the way the plants are grouped and arranged. However, it is common for traditional gardens to include plants with strong structure or showy blooms. Favorite traditional landscaping plants include evergreen hedges, flowering trees and ornamental grasses.

Top Traditional Landscape Plants

Crape Myrtle

A medium, multiple trunked tree with colorful and long-lasting flowers

Fountain Grass

An ornamental grass with plumes that appear in summer


A woody shrub with bold flowers in the spring


Grown for its variegated foliage, this perennial is shade-tolerant


A flowering evergreen shrub that blooms in spring


A dwarf evergreen shrub that can be trimmed into a hedge or topiary

More plants for a traditional garden: Roses, honeysuckle, sweet peas, New Zealand flax, magnolia

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