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  • The terrarium that Carolina created at the workshop.
  • A table full of tropical and succulent plants that the students were allowed to choose from.
  • Students selecting their glass terrarium containers.
  • An instructor demonstrates how to create the drainage layer.
  • A close up of the drainage layer - gravel, charcoal salt and weed fabric.
  • Students busily deciding how to arrange their plants.
  • After arranging their plants students added moss, rocks and other decorative elements to their terrariums.
  • A student creation that Carolina admired.
  • Another student terrarium.
  • Yet another great terrarium from the workshop.

On a rather cool Sunday afternoon the Rolling Greens Hollywood Nursery opened up its doors to about two dozen eager students, wanting to learn all about terrariums. The staff wonderfully introduced the lucky attendees to the process, tools, and care of these lovely arrangements.

  • Step 1: First in the process was choosing our container which was in and of itself an adventure since there were so many choices.
  • Step 2: Next we picked our plants, they ranged from succulents to tropical orchids. We were guided to go either in the succulent or the tropical path, since it is best not to mix them.
  • Step 3: Then we arranged the layers of gravel, a tiny bit of aquarium charcoal salt, and weed fabric. On top of this we placed our layer of soil, about 2-3 inches.
  • Step 4: Then the fun process of arranging our plants began. This was actually fairly intuitive and allowed for a lot of personal expression.
  • Step 5: Lastly, we were given tons of choices for decorating the vessels with moss, pebbles, and a beautiful variety of accent rocks.

The time flew by and as I walked around to see the finished products I realized how much we had learned and explored at the workshop. Everyone went home with instructions on the history of terrariums, maintenance, and tools for keeping our pieces in good health, not to mention amazing centerpieces!

Check out the slideshow of Carolina's photos taken during and after the workshop!

Carolina Allen is an associate designer at Tim Barber LTD, and architecture and interior design firm based in Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor's of Architecture degree from the University of Southern California. Her extensive world travels inspire her design work.

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