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If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires you'll need to make wise, fire-resistant plant choices. There are many fire-resistant plants to choose from, so you will most likely be able to get the look you want in your garden. Below is a list of 10 plants known to be fire-resistant, but to find plants that will grow in your locale you can contact your fire department. Local fire departments often offer a listed of approved landscape plants.

Ice Plant

Great for fire-prone climates, ice plant has fleshy green foliage that stores water. Produces vibrant blooms throughout summer.


Low-growing succulent with round rosettes and a sculptural quality. Since it stores water it is drought-tolerant and fire-resistant.


A perennial herb with purple blooms and a nice fragrance. In the case of a fire, this plant is slow to ignite if kept moist.

Lamb's Ear

Prized for its soft, woolly appearance, this is a low-maintenance groundcover. Grows quickly and densely, produces purple flowers in spring.


Another perennial herb with blue, purple or rose colored blooms. A fairly drought-tolerant and easy care plant.


A large water storing succulent with thick, fleshy leaves. Can be sharp and spiny, so choose its location carefully.

Fortnight Lily

A full sun perennial that grows up to 24" tall with yellow, blue or white blooms.

New Zealand Flax

This perennial forms clumps of burgundy leaves that resemble swords. It is fast growing and suited for full sun.


A succulent featuring striped sword-like leaves that produces large white blooms in spring and summer.

Blue Fescue

A mounding ornamental grass that is semi-evergreen and prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Qualities to look for in fire-resistant plants:

  • ability to store water
  • extensive root systems
  • limited production of dead material
  • high levels of salt
  • ability to withstand drought
  • low levels of oils or resins
  • ability to resprout after a fire

Landscaping experts emphasize that fire-resistant does not mean the same thing as fire proof. Fire-resistant plants still need to be watered and trimmed back to be the safest in the case of a fire. Just buying fire-resistant plants is not enough to protect your home, you also have to care for them properly.

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