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Edible Plant Chart

A collection of trees, vines, shrubs and perennials that produce fruit & herbs

Many of the foods we eat don't come from annual crops like corn and tomatoes. These fruits and herbs are harvested from long lived trees, vines, shrubs and perennials that have long been a part of the landscaper's palette. Today we are turning back to these plants to integrate into landscapes in lieu of strictly ornamental species. This concept brings edibles into the everyday living of homeowners too busy or where space is too limited to designate a specialized garden for food. This list is the definitive one for showing you and your designer exactly what's possible for your new landscape design. The more of these you integrate into the plan the more diverse your harvest will be in the future.

Plant Type Hardiness Deciduous Flower Fall Foliage Edible Parts Use
ArtichokeArtichoke Perennial Moderate No Purple No Flower bud Border, pots
AsparagusAsparagus Perennial Moderate Yes No No Shoots Background
AvocadoAvocado Tree Tender No No No Fruit Shade, background
BananaBanana Tree Tender No Cream No Fruit Tropical accent
Bay LaurelBay Laurel Tree Moderate No White No Leaf seasoning Shade, topiary, background
BlueberryBlueberry Shrub Hardy Yes White, bell Yes Fruits Hedge, specimen,background
CitrusCitrus Tree Tender No White, fragrant No Fruit Shade, hedge
CurrantCurrant Shrub Hardy Yes Red Yes Fruit Border
FennelFennel Perennial Moderate Yes Yellow No Leaf, bulb, seasoning Accent
FigFig Tree Tender Yes Cream No Fruit Shade
GrapeGrapes Vine Hardy Yes Small Yes Fruit, young leaf Shade
KiwiKiwi Vine Moderate Yes Small No Fruit Arbor
LavenderLavender Subshrub Moderate No Blue, fragrant No Foliage, seasoning herb Border, pots
Natal plumNatal plum Shrub Tender No White, fragrant No Fruit Border, pots
OliveOlive Tree Moderate No Cream No Fruit Shade, accent
OreganoOregano Perennial Moderate Yes Cream No Leaves, seasoning Border, pots
Pineapple GuavaPineapple guava Shrub, sm. Tree Moderate No Red No Fruit Hedge, accent
PomegranatePomegranate Shrub Moderate Yes Coral red Yes Fruit Specimen
Raspberry & bramble fruitsRaspberry Vine bramble Hardy Yes White Yes Fruit Hedge, espalier
RosemaryRosemary Shrub Moderate No Blue No Foliage, seasoning herb Border, pots
Stone Fruits (apple, pear)Stone Fruit Tree Hardy Yes Pink, white Yes Fruit Shade, accent
StrawberryStrawberry Perennial Moderate Yes White No Fruit Groundcover, pots

Maureen Gilmer
Morongo Valley, CA

Maureen "Mo" Gilmer is a landscape designer, author, and speaker about horticulture topics and landscape design.

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