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  • Ledge stone is one of the most popular choices for contemporary design. Here a multitude of stone colors gives this small grilling area more visual interest. It also protects the house wall from damage due to water or heat.
  • The irregular color tones and shapes of natural stone can make your cook center the focal point of the yard. The more variation in this cladding, the less industrial it will appear. In this landscape, the stone choices is a perfect match for the naturalistic landscaping.
  • This world class outdoor grilling area and its adjacent fire pit is top notch design for entertaining. The thin stone used on the vertical surfaces is reflected in the large slabs of stone in paving around the fire pit. This demonstrates how stone can be spread throughout the landscape, even if used in smaller applications in order to integrate the design with color, texture and pattern.
  • The stone clad retaining wall as well as the raised planter that helps take up grade feature ledgestone veneer using locally originated bluestone. The subtle integration of outdoor kitchen components do not rise above the wall so the long clean contemporary lines are unobstructed.

If you want an upscale finish for your outdoor kitchen that has a natural look a stone veneer is the facing option for you. Stone veneer, the most popular facing choice for outdoor kitchens, is incredibly durable and has enduring appeal. There is a wide variety of stone veneer available. You can get stacked or whole stones in a wide array of patterns and earthy hues.

Stone veneers are available in natural or manufactured versions. Real stone veneers are less common and can be expensive and difficult to install. Manufactured stone veneers are very popular due to their authentic appearance, accessibility, cost, and easy installation. Molds made from real stone are used to create manufactured veneers. You can get manufactured stone veneers that mimic virtually any type of stone, including bluestone, ashlar slate, river rock, limestone, cobblestone, and fieldstone. The color of stone veneer is also based on real stones, so you get an incredibly authentic look. When visitors admire the stone work on your outdoor kitchen, they'll think it's the real thing.

Stone choice should always integrate well with the existing architecture and the material palette of the rest of the landscape. The lighter weight of manufactured stone allows this look on surfaces not structurally able to withstand the weight of natural stone, bringing this desirable finish into new areas.

Installing stone veneer is a job that should be handled by professionals. This will ensure that the stone facing will be properly reinforced with metal ties and last for many years. Because they can be quite heavy, stone veneers made of real stone work best when installed over a concrete block structure. Additionally, real stone facing requires that corrugated metal ties be used for reinforcement. Manufactured stone veneers weigh up to one-third less than their natural counterparts. This means that they can be installed on wood or steel frame structures that have been faced with moisture and heat resistant backer board. Reinforcement is often not necessary with manufactured stone, but check with your installer to be sure.

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