When having an outdoor kitchen built in your backyard there are many choices you will need to make. You'll have to decide what type of countertops you'd like as well as what type of veneer you want on the outside of the cabinets. Additionally, you'll need to decide between wooden or steel cabinet doors and select a sink.

Material Options:

Take your time when choosing the materials for your outdoor kitchen. Start first by determining whether the materials you want are suitable for outdoor use? Will your countertops fade in the sunlight or become stained with rain and dirt? Next think about how the materials will hold up near the heat produced by the grill and other appliances.

The materials you select must coordinate with one another as well as with the materials used in the rest of your landscape and the materials on the exterior of your home. For example, if you have a traditional home and landscape with muted colors, an outdoor kitchen with electric blue countertops will look very out of place.

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