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  • To the untrained eye there is no hint that this is not real stone, and the lighter weight of this product makes it much simpler to install.
  • A great example of the huge color range available, this beautiful square and rectangle salmon colored manufactured stone veneer provides a top quality look.
  • The soft creamy gray tones of the cultured stone on these pilasters blends perfectly with the flagstone paving, illustrating how well made manufactured stone can be used beside natural stone without any clue to the differences.
  • Eldorado Stone's incredible diversity of color and pattern allows each project to utilize the perfect veneer to bring house and landscape together into one palette.

The world of manufactured stone grows every day. It is an ever changing palette that opens the door to virtually every style from sleek ultra modern to the rustic appeal of Old World villas and Adirondacks cabins. It is a designers dream, for there is manufactured stone perfectly suited to virtually any and all styles of landscaping. Because it is manufactured, origination points aren't as closely tied to quarry location as is real stone. This may provide a more available and affordable alternatives in certain regions.

  • Pro Tip: We try to teach people to use stone, metal and wood, so there's a natural balance. --Sarah Angelo, Eldorado Stone

One of the most important aspects of manufactured stone is that it is made of composite materials that are much lighter weight than real stone veneer. This is a highly beneficial characteristic when the substrate is a wood frame wall. Where local codes require special engineering for masonry walls, wood frame is often the affordable alternative, which makes manufactured stone a highly valued choice.

There are many sources of manufactured stone. Those companies that have invested decades in the research, development and perfection of their product will be here tomorrow to stand behind their work. These resources will offer the widest range of colors and styles that are always changing as less popular stone trends are replaced by the latest looks.

Color and Repetition

Two primary issues that challenge all stone manufacturers are unrealistic color and repeating elements. This is a molded product, and the same molds inevitably repeat. The key to successful color is not just the ability to look like real stone, but the coloration is also vital to camouflaging the repeats.

Eldorado Stone of California is a national distributor with a solid reputation. "Eldorado stands out because our molds are made from natural stone so you aren't getting an engineered profile. We have a specific process that matches the details of the stone. This is an in depth process. For every profile we run 150 feet of mold, and every one is hand painted with limited repeats. Our realism will match what you find in nature. You'll get the little techniques and visual effects that really do simulate the natural stone look at a much lower cost. Our repeats are subtle and no two stones are the same due to hand painting."

Coronado Stone emphasizes the importance of researching any source of manufactured stone. "Use a reputable company that's been around a long time for provenance. Get stone sample boards before ordering stone. You see exactly what you'll get that way. You should be able to look at a sample and it should look like natural stone with mixtures and color blending and imperfections. With a lower quality brand you'll have a solid paint style that may actually look painted. Your eye will pick out repetitive stones. We strive to add more pattern variation."

"With all manufactured stone products there will be variation, sizing variability and color range. Our material is hand painted so it will give you an artistic product. In some low quality lines there's more repetition in the pattern. There's a lack of transition between colors. Unrealistic color or patina are the indicators that the quality of the stone isn't there."


The variability of manufactured stone costs often comes back to weight. Since it averages about 15 pounds per square foot, this veneer is treated much like tile, directly adhering to the surface behind it without additional footings or supporting ledges. According to Eldorado Stone, installed costs of their product average about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of real stone.

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