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Japanese gardens are famous for bursting with lush, green plants. When planting your own garden, select evergreens in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.


An evergreen flowering shrub that displays bright colors for a brief time in spring

Black Pine

A small, irregularly-shaped tree that may reach 25 feet in height, native of Japan


Great as groundcovers, specimen plants, or background plantings ferns add a lush look to a garden


A hardy, shade-tolerant perennial grown for its beautiful variegated foliage

Japanese Maple

A small tree that has a dome-like shape and leaves that turn a brilliant red in fall


An excellent ground cover for a Japanese garden, grows best in damp, shady areas

Popular trees for a Japanese garden include black pine and Japanese maple, which are symbolic of strength and endurance. Other popular plants for a Japanese garden include ferns, Japanese barberry, hosta and Japanese sweet flag. Moss is commonly used as a groundcover and allowed to grow as it pleases on rocks and trees in the garden. If you can't live without a little color, opt for azaleas, a flowering shrub that is green all year, except for a few weeks in spring when it reveals its vibrant blooms.

Before making any plant selections, consult your local nursery to find out what will grow best in your area. Finally, when installing your plants keep the concepts of asymmetry and balance in mind.

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