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Traditionally, Japanese gardens do not include patio furniture. Often Japanese gardens are referred to as strolling gardens. The purpose of such gardens is to provide a space which visitors can walk through and enter into a state of contemplation. However, patio furniture is a must for Western outdoor spaces. Certain furniture pieces, styles and materials will blend better with a Japanese garden style than others.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Matthew Baron.

When selecting furniture for a Japanese garden, follow the rule of simplicity. A small garden bench along a path will provide a place to sit without distracting from the environment. A garden bench made of bamboo, teak, or natural stone will blend well into a Japanese garden.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Daniel Lobo.

If you want to incorporate a dining set into your Japanese garden, select a modern style with clean lines. Again, natural materials are better. The color of patio furniture cushions should be as unobtrusive as possible (no bright colors or patterns). Consider designating an area for furniture sets that is separate from the rest of the garden. Such an area can be marked by different paving, or sectioned off with a bamboo trellis.

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