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This propane fire pit is made of precast concrete. The tank is stored in the base and the entire unit is on wheels for ease of movement. Ernsdorf Design in Los Angeles, CA.

A propane fire pit runs off of a liquid propane tank. Typically propane fire pits are prefab units that have a base designed for storing the tank. The propane tank is easily accessed by means of a door or drawer. Lighting a propane fire pit is as easy as lighting a barbeque—simply turn a nob to ignite the flames. The burner, or gas ring, can be disguised with fake logs, lava rock or colored fireglass. A propane fire pit is an excellent option for someone with an existing patio who doesn't want to bother with running a gas line.

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Lights easily and quickly

Not ideal for cooking or roasting

No smoke

Provides less warmth as wood

No sparks or embers

Fire rings may clog and stop working

No ash to clean up

Propane tank will need to be refilled

Provides ambiance

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