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The Square Stone Firetable, made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, burns ethanol. Restoration Hardware.

An ethanol fire pit is the most environmentally friendly because ethanol is a clean burning biofuel. Two major benefits of ethanol are that it does not produce a smell or air pollutants. Ethanol trays or a tank can be hooked up to a fire pit. All you'll have to do is open a valve and light the pit. For smaller fire pits you can get an ethanol based gel. The gel comes in bottles that you pour into the fire pits fuel reservoir.

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Burns clean - no smoke, odor or toxins

Not for cooking or roasting

Lights easily

Puts off less heat than wood, gas or propane

No sparks, embers or ash

No way to know how much fuel you have left

Don't need to run a gas line

Can be expensive

Provides ambiance

Not readily available

Do ethanol fire pits give off heat?

Outdoors ethanol fire pits don't give off a lot of heat. However they are great for adding ambience and a bit of light.

Can you roast marshmallows over an ethanol fire?

Some manufacturers of ethanol fire pits say they can be used for roasting marshmallows, while others warn of a bitter taste. Always check the recommendations for the speific ethanol you are burning.

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