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Decking, coping, the interior finish and waterline tiles all work together to produce the overall look of a pool.

When selecting materials for your pool should consider safety, durability, comfort and appearance. You will need to choose materials for the pool deck, the coping, the interior of the pool and the waterline. Keep in mind that the materials will be in contact with water that contains chlorine, acid and possibly salt. They will also be in contact with bare feet and swimming suits.

It will be easiest to pick materials if you decide what overall look you are trying to achieve first. Do you want your pool to create the impression of being at a tropical resort, or would you like it to look like a natural pond? Your answer to this question will help guide your material selections. For a tropical pool you'll want to use a light colored interior finish to create the iconic turquoise water color. For a woodland pool the interior finish will need to be darker.

  • Pro Tip: Select paving that will be comfortable on bare feet. A dark surface can be a mistake because it absorbs heat.

A pool deck provides space for lounging near the water. A smooth flat surface will make it easy to move furniture around the deck. Popular pool deck materials include stone, pavers, concrete, brick, tile and wood. Certain paving materials will not hold up in climates with freeze/thaw conditions, check with your contractor.

Coping provides an edge for your pool that creates a finished look. The most popular coping materials are cast concrete and brick. Coping products with a bullnose edge will be more comfortable for getting in and out of the pool and less likely to snag swimming suits.

Think of tiles as jewelry for your pool. They are your chance to accessorize in a way that will provide wow factor. Tiles are typically included along the waterline and to designate steps. Poll tiles are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.

A landscape designer or pool contractor will be able to help you select the right combination of materials for your pool. They will show you samples of materials that complement each other and create the look and mood you desire. In order to give him or her an idea of what you like have a few pictures of pools on hand to show them.

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