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  • This pool deck features TimberTech Evolutions capped composite decking with aluminum rail balusters. The decking around this pool cost around $70-80K.
  • Tropical hardwoods such as ipe can easily withstand the rigors of a pool or spa deck.
  • Most brands of composite decking are ADA-certified for their slip resistance, so are a safe choice for pool and spa decking.

Decks for spas and above-ground pools are similar to other kinds of deck, but there are some design strategies and other considerations to keep in mind when planning a deck to go around a pool or a spa.

Considerations for a Pool or Spa Deck


“You can use any kind of material you like for a pool or spa deck,” says Baron Biedenweg of Archadeck of Fort Wayne in Ft. Wayne, IN, though he recommends using composite decking. “Most composites are ADA-certified for their slip resistance,” he says.

Dan Ivancic of Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. in Buffalo, NY says that while many people choose a concrete patio to surround the pool or spa, he prefers a tropical hardwood deck. “Concrete only lasts so long before it starts to crack and flake, while ipe lasts 50 or more years,” he says. “In coastal areas like Florida, many people use tropical hardwoods for docks because they can withstand the water and waves.”


Instead of using a railing on your deck, consider using a privacy fence or lattice, especially next to spas.

Shade structures

In hot climates with a pool, it can be nice to hop out of the water and into a shady spot to dry off and relax. Pergolas can be built right onto the deck, and you can choose how much light to let in by changing the distance of the stringers running along the top.

Storage boxes

Pools and spas come with a host of accessories such as cleaners, chemicals, towels and more. While it’s nice to have these things close to the water, nobody really wants to look at them. You can solve the problem by designing a built-in bench and storage box next to the pool. The seat of the bench doubles as a lid for your storage box and keeps pool cleaners and towels under wraps.


Pool and spa decks are among the most expensive types of deck you can build. Before you can build the entertainment deck around a pool or spa, you first need to build a structure with oversized footers, beams, and rafters to support it all. “It’s almost like building two decks,” says Biedenweg. Get more info on deck cost.

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