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Steel frames provide the structure and hook-ups for your fire pit, you then get to choose what materials to finish it with. Photo courtesy of Flame Creation in Snellville, GA.

A fire pit frame kit lets you have control over the finished look of your fire pit than a prefab unit. With these frames, which are made of high strength galvanized steel, your contractor will be able to create a high quality fire pit in little time. Fire pit frames come in round, square, rectangular, octagonal and oval shapes. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, starting as small as 27 inches across and ranging to as large as 52 inches across.

Construction of a fire pit using a steel frame is fairly easy. Cement board and metal lathe will need to be applied before a scratch coat of mortar and the facing material of your choice. The fire pit can be capped with stone, bricks or precast concrete. You can order the desired gas rings with your fire pit frame


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