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Picket Fencing

The most popular fencing style for front yards is the traditional picket. Picket fences are usually less than three feet tall and are highly decorative. These characteristics make them well-suited for the front yard because they comply with codes and add to the curb appeal of your home. If you have a home with a traditional, yet casual appearance, a picket fence will be a good match. Picket fences are available in wood and vinyl.

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Wrought Iron Fencing

Another popular fencing style for front yards is wrought iron. Wrought iron’s decorative finials and transparent nature make it a good option for front yards. Transparency is important because you don’t want to make your front yard appear closed off and unwelcoming. If your home’s architecture is formal than a wrought iron fence is the perfect complement. Nowadays, wrought iron fences are primarily made of aluminum and powder-coated various colors, with black being the choice of most homeowners.

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Front Yard Privacy Fence

If your local codes allow, a tall privacy fence can be built in your front yard. If you don't have much space in back, this can be a good way to reclaim the front yard and use it for outdoor living. This fence is set back a few feet from the sidewalk to allow for planting space. The plants in front of the fence soften its appearance and create curb appeal. An Asian-inspired gate and pergola, set back even further into the yard, mark the entrance to this property. Furthermore, stainless steel address numbers are displayed on the fence for a bit of stylish functionality.

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Driveway Gates

If you plan to install fencing around your front yard you will likely need a driveway gate. Driveway gates provide security for your home, while allowing easy access for you and your guests. Plus, a well-designed driveway gate can serve as a focal point of your front yard. This particular driveway gate is a custom creation that combines wrought iron and wood. This gate style would go particularly well with a Mediterranean style home.

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Fencing Corner Lots

Corner lots can be tricky when it comes to fencing because more of your property perimeter is visible to the neighborhood. In a way, it is almost like you have two front yards. In this case, the solution was to construct a wooden fence across the corner portion of this yard. This creates a small public garden and a large private garden. A scalloped design as well as lattice panels and a pergola for climbing vines make this fence especially attractive from the street.

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Fencing a Large Property

If you have a large property in a rural area you may want to fence the entire perimeter, both front and backyard. Since this will likely require many feet of fencing, it is best to pick a simple design that will be cost effective. Here a simple post and rail fence jogs through the front portion of this large property. In this case, black is actually a more subtle color choice than white because it blends nicely with the greenery without disappearing altogether.

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