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1. Calming Courtyard Fountain

This front courtyard in California is anything but ordinary. The designer’s goal was to create a calming entrance without any grass. A custom fountain with a stone catch basin was installed to the left of the curved path to add the soothing sound of running water. The fountain has a low profile so that it doesn’t dominate the design.

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2. Front Yard Limestone Fountain

This California property looks more like it belongs in the South of France. When you arrive at the front of the home you are greeted by a large retaining wall with a limestone wall fountain placed at its highest point. The fountain has three metal spouts that spill water into the basin below. A combination of evergreens and regionally appropriate perennials surround the fountain, softening its edges and providing contrasting color.

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3. A Sensory Entry Fountain

A good designer knows that a front yard should not be only focused on visual beauty, but that it should provide a complete sensory experience. Along the entrance path to this home, a custom fountain, clad in a vibrant tile mosaic, provides an auditory element. The fountain captures the attention of visitors as they walk along the path, causing them to pause and reflect.

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4. Front Yard Stream

While fountains are incredibly popular additions to front yards, you can also opt for something more natural. The front yard of this North Carolina property is steep and wooded, so it provided the perfect opportunity for a waterfall and stream. Large, flat stone were used to create a bridge, so that as you approach the front door, water is flowing beneath your feet.

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5. Millstone Entry Fountain

The front entry to this Tucson home is accented with a millstone fountain that rises up from beneath the surrounding pavement. Water gently spills over the edges of the round stone, creating a gentle welcoming sound.

6. Modern Front Yard Pond

Going lawnless doesn’t mean that your front yard has to be unattractive and boring. This example shows a geometric walkway that crosses over a rectangular pond. The pond has a dark bottom so that the reflection of the surrounding plants will be crisp on the surface of the water.

7. Pondless Urn Fountains

This front yard boasts two water features that are uplit at night. Made of ribbed ceramic urns atop an underground basin, this type of fountain is termed pondless because there isn’t a pool of water at the base.

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