Lawnless landscaping pictures

If you drive across America you'll see lawn after lawn. Long since the norm for front and backyards alike, lawns are green, easy to grow, and leave open space for playing. However, with the increased interest in sustainability, many homeowners are rethinking their options. Going lawnless will cut back on your water usage, the time you spend maintaining your yard and the amount of chemicals you use to keep it looking good. Check out these lawn alternatives and take a look at the examples of lawnless landscaping below.

The lawnless landscaping trend is catching on in many parts of the country, especially those with drought conditions. If you live in California, Arizona or Texas you're probably familiar with this option. Many cities in states such as these offer monetary incentives for going lawnless, check with your local water department for rebate information.

Check out a drought tolerant garden in Malibu, CA with a lawnless courtyard.

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