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Do you have trouble envisioning your front yard's potential? It can often be hard to look past the current state of your landscaping and come up with ideas for what it could be in the future. Check out these photos of front yard before and afters to see how others have gone from boring to loads of curb appeal. Soon your yard may be the envy of the neighborhhod.

Vegetables Grow in the Front Yard of this Massachusetts Home

Before After

The whole neighborhood watched eagerly as the front yard of this home was transformed into a tidy garden with a mixture of edibles and ornamentals. The owners were originally told not to grow vegetables in their front yard, at least until they meet Andrea Nilsen of Nilsen Landscape Design. Nilsen noticed that the site had the perfect southern exposure for growing edibles and suggested this to the couple. They loved the idea and ended up with two raised beds and a pair of espaliered apple trees that welcome visitors to their home. As it turns out, they aren’t the only ones who love their new front yard-neighbors, friends, family and even their mailman have expressed how much better it looks. See more of this front yard vegetable garden project.
Project submitted by Nilsen Landscape Design in Boston, MA

Sloping Front Yard Tamed

Before After

The owner of this colonial home in Massachusetts wanted some way of accessing her front door from the street. Plus, the unwieldy front yard lacked character and was largely underutilized. Large slabs of granite quarried more than 100 years ago were used to transform her front yard. To learn more about this front yard before and after check out Sloping Front Yard Tamed with Historical Granite Hardscape
Project submitted by Olde New England Granite in Lynnfield, MA.

Sarasota Modern Curb Appeal

Before After

This mid-century home went from dilapidated to flawless with the help of landscape architect David Young. New graceful terraces draw visitors to the front door, while an updated driveway looks crisp and clean. The new design solves runoff problems and makes it clear where guests should enter the home. Newly planted specimen palms complete the tropical modern look by adding visual interest.
Project submitted by DWY Landscape Architects in Sarasota, FL.

Creating a Flowing Entrance

Before After

This homeowner had a small stained concrete landing at the base of her porch that would never hold its color. She was interested in removing the concrete and installing pavers to alleviate the frustration of having the concrete stained and sealed every year, but she said to be creative. The small landing area at her house was the same as all the other neighbors’ and not very inviting. By designing a larger landing area it gives multiple guests a meeting place before the front door to say hellos and good-byes. The path from the street draws you towards the front door and makes you feel welcome, while the courtyard walls give enough enclosure and definition to the area as if to say you're safe and sound. Other details added to this project: LED lights mounted to the walls on each side to illuminate the stone, a path light by the base of the walkway, a sunken light fixture in the path to illuminate the flag at night and a hidden electrical conduit under the deck and path into the landscaping beds for all her Christmas lighting cords.
Project submitted by Renovations Landscaping in Castle Rock, CO.

Functional & Friendly Entrance

Before After

Before the transformation, this front entrance was non-functioning. A weeping cherry had outgrown the area and low lying junipers had developed beyond control. After demolition, the entire space was rebuilt to be open, welcoming and functional. Unilock’s Roman Pisa wall in Nevada was used to retain the slope and create planting beds, while Volt low voltage landscape lighting illuminates and casts shadows throughout the entrance. Now the owners have an entry they can be proud of rather than one they avoid at all costs.
Project submitted by Total Package Landscaping Services in Poughkeepsie, NY.

His and Hers Gardenscape

Before After

Even when it comes to landscaping, it appears that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The owners of this Tustin, Calif., home were ready for a front yard makeover, but they couldn't agree on the approach. She wanted more garden plants and much less lawn, while he, like many men, took pride in a well-manicured lawn and wasn't keen on losing it. After coming to an agreement, much of the grass was replaced with garden beds dominated by native plant species that conserve water. To learn more about this front yard before and after, check out His and Hers Gardenscape.
Project submitted by Creations Landscape Design in Tustin, CA.

Welcoming French Entry

Before After

What once was a dull and typical driveway was transformed into a welcoming and colorful entrance that complements the French Chateau architecture of this home. Massings of boldly colored shrubs and annual flowers flank both sides of the drive. Two trios of pear trees further enhance the entry sequence and provide a formal frame for the home. The driveway was upgraded with a combination of bluestone pavers and Brussel Block pavers with stone curbing providing definition along the driveway edge. Each design element helps to tie the home and landscape together.
Project submitted by Romani Landscape Architecture in Glencoe, IL.

Year Round Interest

Before After

The owners of this home wanted their front yard to stand out from the others on their street. Plants were selected that would look good all year and provide pops of color throughout the seasons. Stacked stone and cedar shutters were added to the home’s façade to create a cottage feel. A new paver walkway leads from the driveway to the repaved porch, while stepping stones provide access from the street. The walkway and porch were paved with Holland Stone from Belgard and the porch edged with Brussels Full Nose from Unilock.
Project submitted by Imagine Landscapes in Northville, MI.

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