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  • This nicely finished custom grid fence doubles as a railing, powder coated in blue.
  • For play spaces and pool enclosures where curved lines are required, six foot fencing panels can be custom bent into any desired radii with special equipment.
  • Such an enclosure allows the front of this home to be used as a safe play space to extend the usable area around the home.
  • Contemporary fence designs utilize old style corrugated galvanized roofing panels in a whole new way.
  • Corten steel allowed to rust to a natural brown color, is a popular rustic choice for contemporary homes. This custom fence demonstrates how suitable it is for challenging desert climates hostile to wood fences due to low humidity and high winds.
  • Galvanized or powder coated sheet steel, originally developed for the skins of industrial buildings, when used in a new way, becomes an exceptional problem solver for wind barriers or in difficult climates that challenge traditional fencing materials.

Metals are the fastest growing of all fencing types due to the recent surge of interest in modern architecture. Tubular aluminum and steel has long been used for security and pool fencing, but landscape architects are discovering metal panels of all kinds make long lasting extensions of the architecture and its industrial material choices.

The primary innovation that has caused tubular metal fencing to grow in popularity is powder coating. Former coatings did not last, and staining of pavement due to rust from aging fences was a real problem. Aluminum was the only alternative but prices were higher for this material. With the widespread use of powder coating, tubular steel has become affordable, visually diverse and widely available.

Powder coating is a paint-like covering that proves highly effective at sealing metal against corrosion and rust. It is a dust that is electro statically applied to metal, then cured under heat to create a skin that is tougher than conventional paint. But like paint, there is no end to the color and unique effects created with powder coating, which makes it easy to extend architectural accents into the landscape via metal fencing.

Metal fencing is ideal for straight lines but can be difficult to adapt to curvilinear conditions. Prefabricated panels must be bent to meet a particular curve if they are to work in this scenario. At Pacific Sunscapes in San Diego, they custom bend tubular steel for their customers says owner, Charles Shelton. "We are able to offer true custom metal design. Mitch, our superintendant has 30 years experience in metal fencing and his dad was a wrought iron guy too. We bend our spans to fit the project so every one is unique. We order the spans powder coated, then bend them with a special machine that's padded so the coating isn't affected when we shape it. We love powder coating because it lets our customers go crazy with unlimited color options."

Popular Metals for Fencing:

  • Corten steel which is prone to rust is popular among designers for a more natural brown colored metal partition.
  • Galvanized sheet metal corrugated with varying patterns provides a sleek silvery finish with a high tech appeal.
  • Traditional corrugated roofing panels are also growing in popularity for more artistic compositions that may use cast iron accents or wood for multimedia effects.

In areas of difficult climates and high winds, all metal fencing is proving a long lasting choice. It is also popular for use with modern architecture. These fences are composed of galvanized posts and various types of sheet steel repurposed from its former role as siding for metal industrial buildings.

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