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1. Privacy Fencing

One of the most common reasons to fence a backyard is to create privacy. A tall solid fence like this one will separate your outdoor spaces from your neighbors. Typically a privacy fence cannot extend past six feet in height, check your local building codes to be sure. Privacy fences are usually built with wood, but are available in vinyl also. Wood allows for more customization such as lattice toppers or attached pergolas for growing vines.

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2. Pool Fencing

If you plan to have a pool installed in your backyard, you’re likely going to need a dedicated pool fence. The purpose of a pool fence is to keep young children safe. Drownings occur yearly in backyards that don’t have proper pool fencing. The best pool fences cannot be scaled by children, making wrought iron a common choice. A pool fence should be at least four feet high and gates should be self-closing.

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3. Fence Plantings

A backyard privacy fence can seem harsh without the right transition. This vinyl fence in a Texas backyard is softened by a meandering bed filled with water-wise perennials and other plants. The bed is widest in the corner and features a large tree which will create even more privacy as it matures. An added bonus of this strategy is that there is less lawn to water and maintain. If you have a small yard and don’t want to give up precious square footage, consider planting climbing vines that will grow up your fence.

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4. Rustic Fencing

Most backyard fences have a similar look, but if you are looking for something unique try this rustic design. Pieces of reclaimed wood in various lengths and colors have been arranged vertically to create a fence that provides privacy and adds a sense of whimsy to this garden. This look works especially well in coastal locales because of its similarity to driftwood. The plants growing near the fence have the same wild and earthy quality.

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5. Striking Materials

When it comes to a fence you are not limited only to function. Rather, your fence can be a beautiful focal point that adds to the overall appeal of your backyard. This fence is incredibly simple in design, yet the materials used are striking. The natural grain of the wood has been enhanced with a sealer that pulls out the colors. The two-tone look creates a pattern that is very unique and modern.

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6. Pergola Fence Topper

There are many ways to spice up a backyard fence. Whether you have an existing wood fence that is too plain for your tastes, or you’re having a new fence built, specialty woodworking can make a world of difference. The posts of this fence extend high enough to support a pergola on which climbing vines are beginning to grow. Additionally, a lattice topper adds interest to the top of the fence and makes it seem less imposing by allowing light and air to filter through.

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