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Creating Shade in a Desert Garden

Shade structures provide relief from desert sun

This Palm Springs hotel has a large awning and multiple umbrellas to provide shade for guests. Flickr user prayitno.

Living in the desert means that you are able to enjoy the outdoors year round. There's no better way to enjoy the outdoors than a barbecue. A custom outdoor kitchen will get plenty of use in your desert garden.

Be sure to select quality materials for your outdoor cooking space that will be able to withstand the harsh desert sun. Install a built-in grill with concrete countertops. If the concrete countertops are properly treated with a UV protective sealer they will last for years. Concrete countertops are completely customizable when it comes to shape, size and color, so they can be fabricated to suit anyone's taste or style.

In the desert the placement of an outdoor kitchen is incredibly important. First, you will want the kitchen to be shaded so that the cook is comfortable. So, consider placing your kitchen under a patio cover or large umbrella. Second, the kitchen should be close to the home's door so that you don't have to carry food a long ways between the indoors and out.

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