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Bamboo Privacy Screening

Time / 02:05

See how to use bamboo plants as an inexpensive and quick alternative for privacy screening.

If you are looking for a quick way to add privacy to your yard but don't have a lot of space or money then bamboo may be the answer. Growing a bamboo privacy screen is a great way block views from a neighboring yard or hide unsightly features (i.e. a/c unit, utilities or trash cans).

Benefits of Bamboo

  • Fast growing
  • Evergreen foliage
  • Inexpensive
  • Tall and narrow

Landscape architect Ive Haugeland recommends bamboo for creating instant screening in narrow spaces. Joseph Huettl, of Huettl Landscape Architecture, prefers bamboo over typical screening hedges because it is much more visually interesting. However, he cautions against using running bamboo which requires root containment or else it will spring up in unwanted places.

Bambo – Backyard Privacy Ideas: see densely planted bamboo that was cut into a hedge

Bamboo Privacy Screening: see how three kinds of bamboo were used to screen a narrow property

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