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New York Landscaping

New York Landscaping Ideas

Design inspiration for New York gardens

New York has a short summer season, so you'll want to make the most of it with a low-maintenance and inviting landscape. Whether you live in the city and have limited outdoor space, or you live in a more rural area with space to spare, a landscape designer or architect can create an outdoor retreat suited to your needs and tastes. Below is a collection of landscaping ideas from professionals throughout New York.

Backyard Pool This backyard features a pool and spa that meets the needs of both children and adults. Norwegian buff quartzite was used as the pool decking. Learn more about this project: Backyard Pool Provides Relaxing, Fun Retreat

Raised Circular Patio This Croton-on-Hudson backyard features a raised circular patio designed for outdoor cooking. It also features a pool and spa, as well as a playset for the kids. Learn more about this project: A Raised Circular Cooking Patio Adds Interest to a Large, Flat Yard

Rooftop Garden If you live in a New York City high-rise a rooftop garden will provide you with much needed refuge from urban life. Rooftop gardens can be designed to include features such as outdoor kitchens, spas, lounge furniture and more. Learn more about rooftop outdoor living spaces from an NYC rooftop garden designer.

Incorporate Glass Mosaics Gorgeous glasswork is not on most New Yorker's landscaping wish list, but maybe it should be. Here colorful glass lit from below outlines a small patio. Glass can be incorporated into hardscaping, outdoor countertops, deck railings and more.

Divide Large Spaces As you get further from the city, properties in New York can be large and spacious. Dividing a large yard into smaller areas is a trick designers employ frequently. Here ornamental grasses were used to create a see-through barrier between the pool area and the rest of the landscape.

Extend the Season with a Fireplace An outdoor fireplace is a valuable asset, especially in New York where the warm season can be short. Whether it is gas or wood burning, an outdoor fireplace will provide a place to gather and stay warm, making it possible to enjoy your outdoor space at times when you usually would be heading indoors.

Create a Formal Garden Many homes in New York have a traditional architecture that is nicely complemented by a formal garden. Formal gardens are characterized by straight lines, symmetry and well-manicured hedges. As seen in the photo, well-placed sculptures and benches are also common elements.

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