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The cost of installing a new walkway or path will depend on the following variables: size, material and complexity of the design. Additional costs may be accrued if grading or demolition is required. Furthermore, costs vary from state to state and contractor to contractor. The best way to get an accurate and fair price for your walkway is to get at least three professional estimates.

Material Price Per Square Foot







Natural stone


How Walkway Design Affects Cost

A straight simple walkway will cost less than one with twists, turns and intricate patterns. This is because it takes less skill and time to install a basic walkway than it does to install a complex one. A complex walkway design may require cutting of materials, extensive measuring and other labor intensive measures. The extra cost you will be paying is for the skilled labor.

Get a Decorative Look for Less

Paving a walkway entirely in brick, pavers or natural stone can be expensive. If you like these materials but are worried about the high cost, consider using them as decorative accents. Brick, pavers or stone can be installed as borders or bands in a concrete or pea gravel path. Using multiple paving materials is a great way to get the best of both worlds: the look you want at a reasonable price.

Protecting Your Investment

Make sure the ground below your new walkway is compacted properly and that any drainage issues are addressed. If the subsoil is not prepared correctly prior to installing paving this could lead to settling which often causes walkways to crack. Additionally, check with both your installer and material supplier to learn what preventative and maintenance requirements the material you have selected requires. For example, stained concrete should be sealed after installation. If these precautions are not taken your walkway could need major repairs and end up costing you 2 or 3 times the initial investment.

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