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Bluestone Fire Pit & Seat Walls

Get tips for sizing and seat heights for a bluestone cap and stone veneer backyard fire pit.

A video transcript featuring Ive Haugeland, Shades of Green Landscape Architecture

Fire pits are such a great addition to a garden, especially here in northern California, where we have cold nights, and it just makes the time you can use the garden so much longer. You can sit here at night and be nice and cozy. This is a gas fire pit. It has a gas line that goes up to it, and it's really easy to ignite. Also, in a lot of towns and city, you have to do gas.

Fire pit sizing and materialsThis fire pit is big. It's like a 5-by-5-foot square, and the reason it's so big is that you can use it to sit on the edge and you can also use the edge as a table for food or a glass of wine or whatever. And the materials of this one, it's just made of concrete and then it has a bluestone coping and it has a stone veneer that's called "bitterroot" on the sides. The reason that we chose the bluestone here at this project as the main stone is the clients really liked it. It's also a very classic material and it holds up well. It's very durable and beautiful. And then we used this other stone, the bitterroot stone, as a veneer on the walls to complement the bluestone because the colors go really well together.

Seat wallsThe walls that go around the garden here enclose the patio in a very nice way, and the reason we put the fire pit so close to it (2 feet apart) is so you can use the wall as a seat while sitting around the fire pit.

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