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Trees are essential for a beautiful landscape. However, many homeowners hold the misconception that one tree planted in a central location will do the trick. The designers at Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture believe just the opposite - the more trees the better. When properly grouped, trees can make a powerful statement in your yard or garden. Check out these wonderful examples of how grouping trees can frame views, create interest and add drama.

Frame a View

An allée of Tilden trees visually frames a large stone fountain. Notice how the mulching around the trees matches the fountain and ties the whole scene together. Consider highlighting a beautiful view, or garden feature such as a sculpture or fountain.

Create a Walkway

Mature olive trees frame this walkway, ushering visitors from the home into the surrounding landscape. Make sure the trees are planted far enough apart to allow people to walk comfortable through without feeling crowded.

Play with Reflection

Here, a grove of young trees, along with a mature olive tree as well as the pine trees on the surrounding hills, are reflected in a simple pond. Trees with interesting foliage and strong seasonal color work well for this purpose.

Highlight a Pair

A dramatic focal point can be created with two trees of the same species. Here, Cochran highlights the pair with up-lights, causing them to pop out against the light colored wall. Trees with unique branch structures look the best when light from below.

All photos courtesy of Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, CA.

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