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Backyard Sports

Backyard Games and Sports

How to design your backyard for family fun and outdoor games

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Shop Backyard Sports & GamesFor fun in the backyard, shop this collection of sporting equipment and games including outdoor cinemas, modular putting greens, and adjustable basketball goals.

Backyard Putting Green
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Backyard Sport Court Dimensions

Need to know how much space is required for a tennis court? Want to find out how wide a basketball key should be? This infographic, complete with colorful perspective drawings, provides dimensions for seven backyard sport courts.

Backyard Sport Court Dimensions (PDF)

I have been designing gardens for active families for over 24 years now, and one thing I know is true -- families that play together stay together. With a few outdoor design tips, you can create a backyard that brings your family together for fun, active play.

Growing up, my parents' philosophy was to make sure their home was a fun place to be so the kids would stay close by and not have to venture off elsewhere to find a good time. My wife Lisa and I feel the same way and have made sure our backyard has entertaining features for all members of the family. Nothing encourages family bonding like time spent laughing and having fun. As an outdoor designer, I help families find ways to build fun right into their own backyards.

Get these tips:In this section, you'll find tips for sizing and designing your own family-fun backyard, including:

  • How to design a backyard that will grow along with your family, making your home a fun place to hangout as your kids grow from toddlers to teens.
  • Ideas for planning your space to accommodate multiple games.
  • How to covert a concrete patio into a game court with the application of a rubberized paving product.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a backyard playset for your children that's safe, durable and attractive.
  • The pros and cons of the most popular materials for building playsets, including wood, vinyl and metal.
  • Ground cover options for playsets, to ensure safe landings.
  • Materials and design tips for constructing your own backyard sandbox.
  • How to safely hang a backyard tree swing.
  • Backyard trampoline ideas and safety tips.
  • How to incorporate a hopscotch game into a garden pathway using tiles or special concrete stamps.
  • Standard dimensions and popular materials for building horseshoe pits.
  • Dimensions, surface materials and design ideas for building a backyard bocce court.
  • Outdoor shuffleboard court dimensions and surface material options.
  • Standard dimensions for backyard badminton courts and croquet courts.
  • How to add a putting green to your backyard, with either a real grass or artificial turf playing surface.
  • Ideas, dimensions and layouts for backyard volleyball courts.
  • Dimensions for half or full basketball courts, along with advice on situating the court for optimum play.
  • Standard tennis court dimensions and material options.
  • Other options for backyard play, including tetherball, ping pong and even large-scale board games.

Backyard games are a great way for the whole family to unwind and get exercise. Designing the right outdoor space for the games you love will encourage your family to come out and play. When you're creating your family-fun oriented outdoor design, start by brainstorming a list of the outdoor games you'd like to play. Then consult with a landscaping professional for advice on how to integrate the games into your existing landscape.

Contributing Author:

Scott Cohen, contributing writer for Landscaping Network and owner of The Green Scene

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