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Fire Bowl Design Ideas

Get tips for fire bowl placement and flame height, ideas for fire bowl décor, and tips for fire feature use.

A video transcript featuring Scott Cohen, The Green Scene

Outdoor fire features are growing and growing in popularity. People are adding fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls to their backyards. Fire and water is one of my favorite combinations. Fire adds ambiance to the backyard. It can help light the backyard space, and certainly it adds warmth. Now this fire bowl here I placed in this backyard area because it helps add some warmth to this larger patio area. It also creates a focal point back from the house as you look out. The light from fire will just dance off the features that are adjacent to it.

Some people will use lava rock and some people are using glass more and more often in their fire pits. When we build these fire pits, we're using stainless steel gas rings, and we set on top of it silica sand to a proper level, and then in this case we used crushed glass in different shades of blue to match the glass tile we used in the pool. Now it's hard to see during the day because with glass you get mostly a bluer frame. With lava rocks you get a larger yellow flame.

The more oxygen that's introduced into the flame, the brighter the colors, but a flame like this can get pretty tall and help entertain quite a lot of people on a patio area. Keep this in mind when you're placing fire features, especially when you're entertaining. There's gonna be people walking by those fire features. Don't have bowls that are too small with flames too high and ladies walking by in dresses on a windy day.

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