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A ceiling fan can help circulate air and create a breeze beneath a patio cover. The Green Scene in Northridge, CA.

A patio heater will extend the enjoyment of your covered patio.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a great addition to a patio cover. Ceiling fans can be installed in solid roof patio covers to keep the air circulating and the temperature down. Plan ahead and have your contractor run electrical wiring to where you would like to hang the fan.

Wooden and aluminum patio covers can accommodate a fan as long as it is fixed to a strong beam. Aluminum patio cover manufacturers offer a fan beam option as part of their kits. A ceiling fan will look best on a solid patio cover because the wiring will be hidden.

When selecting a ceiling fan for your patio cover, be sure to pick one rated for outdoor use. Typical indoor fans will not hold up to outdoor moisture and temperatures. Outdoor ceiling fans are made of resins or treated woods and metal. The styles are very similar to those of indoor models.


Another way to stay cool under your patio cover is to install misters. Misters can reduce outdoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees. There are mister kits available that are designed specifically for use with patio covers.

Misters can be fixed to the inside of the cover's beams so that they are nearly invisible. Another great tip is to look for misters that are a similar color to your patio cover.


Adding an outdoor heater to your covered patio will make you, your family and your friends more comfortable on a chilly evening. You'll be able to entertain outdoors during seasons that previously would have been too cold. There are two options when it comes to heating a covered patio: free standing heaters and wall mounted heaters.

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