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Choosing pavers for your landscape project opens the door to many pattern and design options (get paver design tips for walkways, patios and driveways). Although it is common to use mortar, it is not a requirement; you can use gravel, sand, or even types of grasses or moss to fill in between. Many patterns have become well known and used not only because of their unique look, but also for their strength. Below you can view the 5 most popular paving patterns and tips for choosing the right pattern to enhance your outdoor living space.

Circular Pattern

This pattern is achieved by laying the paver rows in a circular formation. Although the pavers will have small spaces in between, they are easily filled with mortar or sand. This pattern is known to look best when mixed throughout other patterns such as herringbone, basket weave or even running bond. You do not have to create a full circle with this pattern; you can create half, or even a quarter of the circle pattern. The circular pattern is often used in large driveways or patio areas; it breaks up large spaces by adding interest and complementing other elements in the area.

Herringbone Pattern

Pavers are laid going alternate directions creating a "V" shape. This pattern can be laid at 45 or 90 degrees and is often used in large to medium sized entertainment areas. This pattern has a strong visual effect and adds character to any outdoor space. You can also mix your design with clay pavers in between or as a border to create a nice detail. The herringbone pattern is known for its strength and durability, it is highly recommended in areas with heavy traffic or furniture. Driveways, patios, and walkways are the ideal areas to lay this pattern.

Basket Weave Pattern

Originating from the old English landscape design era this is a well-known pattern that will bring a vintage look to your area. The pavers in this pattern alternate between vertical and horizontal pairs. The paired pavers create rows and columns that have an eye catching effect. You don't have to stick with one color; you can get creative with this pattern by adding contrasting or complementary colors as well. This pattern is ideal for homeowners looking for a historic or vintage look, however it is becoming less common compared to the other patterns. The basket weave is also very durable and is perfect for nearly every location of your outdoor space.

European Fan Pattern

You can see this popular fan pattern all across Europe, which is where it originated from. This pattern along with the circular pattern is known to be the most challenging pattern to lay. We recommend using circular and fan kits which are usually available through paver manufacturers. Although it is challenging to start, it is one of the most beautiful paving patterns and highly popular in residential and even commercial designs. This pattern gives you flexibility with the size of the fan and the color of the pavers.

Running Bond Pattern

This is the most common pattern used among homeowners today. Why? Because it is the simple pattern to lay, easy to install, and uses the least amount of waste compared to the other patterns. Running bond is laid side by side creating illusions with its strong linear lines. These illusions can make your patio look longer or even wider depending on the direction it's laid. This is the most plain paver pattern, but needs minimal cutting which lowers the amount of work and the cost of installation. Running Bond is perfect for small areas-making them seem bigger, and also for areas close to the house to draw attention to your homes architecture.

Be sure to choose your paver patterns carefully because they can drastically impact the look and feel of your outdoor living space. Simple, geometric patterns will work best for a modern garden. Random or irregular patterns work great in a space with Mediterranean or Tuscan style landscape. Curved or circular designs look especially nice around a water fountain or fire pit.

When selecting paver patterns and designs, it is important to think about your yards existing conditions and the effect you with to create. For example, if you want to make it feel bigger, select large, smooth paver and a simple, straight pattern. Small paver are great for creating beautiful designs and work well in large open yards, but in small spaces they will create a busy surface that will make your patio feel even smaller.

Paver Shapes

The most common paver shapes are square, round, rectangular, and hexagonal. Patterns often have multiple shapes in one design making the pattern more intricate bringing character to your home. Below you can see standard dimensions for the common paver shapes.

Square Round Rectangle Hexagonal
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