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Many homeowners prefer the secluded, private feeling achieved by enclosing their patio or outdoor living space. Whether you’re starting from scratch with an open-air patio, or you’ve got an existing spot that you want to surround or cover, this slideshow will show you a variety of patio enclosure ideas. From fully covered sunrooms to shade sails or even walls, get tips for how to decide which enclosure is right for you.

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Attached Patio Covers

Attached covered patios are affixed directly to your home. Although the covered patio exposes you more to the elements, it’s a great space to enjoy your morning tea or even dinner with your family. You can create a patio enclosure by simply building a covered patio area and planting vines and shrubs around the sides. This once open patio will start to feel more like an outside room.

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Detached Covered Patios

It is important to think about the uses intended for your patio enclosure before you decide on a location. If you are seeking a private, quiet space where you can read a book and relax, you should place it away from your home within the landscape. Being detached brings you away from possible noise from the house, and also helps you relax without thinking of your long to-do list. This area can be as simple as having a lounge chair or as elaborate as you would like. A detached covered patio with a foundation, seating area, and covering placed among the landscape makes for a pleasant retreat. Sometimes detached patio covers are referred to as pergolas.

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Outdoor Curtains

Adding curtains to your covered patio or pergola is an easy addition that will completely transform the look and feel of your outdoor enclosure. If you occasionally use the space for entertaining, but also would like to convert it to a quiet relaxing space; curtains are simple but effective. When guests are present you can tie back the curtains to have a large open space, and when you have the space to yourself you can draw the curtains to have a cozy relaxing getaway.

Shade Canopies

Often made of metal and fabric, canopies are available in a number of different styles and materials. They are ideal if you have a smaller area, would like some shade, and a place to relax. You can create this outdoor enclosure by having a nice seating area under the canopy with walls or plants surrounding it. The shade canopy height can be adjusted, which gives you the freedom to decide how enclosed you want your space to feel. Even if you have a small yard and would like an enclosure, this is the right option for you.

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Courtyard walls are a great way to enclose a small area in your landscape. If you have a large space and are having difficulty making your design flow, you may need to add some walls to break up the open space. Adding walls will allow you to create outdoor rooms or patio enclosures that will be more comforting for your outdoor getaway. Walls are also a great option when you need to block unsightly views. With the addition of walls you also have an opportunity to personalize your outdoor getaway by adding wall decorations, vines, or even hanging plants.

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Typically built onto the side of a house, sunrooms are designed to fully immerse you into the outdoor landscape without actually being outside. Some are constructed completely by windows and feel as though you are actually outdoors. Most however, are constructed with large windows that bring in natural sunlight and act as an additional room to your home. The benefit to sunrooms is that they allow you to enjoy the view of your landscape throughout the year, without having to be affected by the outside weather conditions.

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