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There's no question Miami is a 20th Century city located on the opulent south coast of Florida between the Everglades and Biscayne Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. This is a tropical paradise where retirees from the north and Cuban immigrants live in the landscapes and patios of vintage bungalows and the famous Mediterranean style mansions that define these communities. Outdoor living is the standard all winter so landscapes of palm trees and bougainvillea with exotic tropical plants feature swimming pools and outdoor dining spaces that keep the house cool by preparing meals al fresco.

This area and much of Florida is challenged by thin soils atop a near solid limestone layer that is challenging to both plants and construction. Limestone so inhibits drainage that it underlies most waterways that are characteristic of this region. Local designers understand how this may limit what plants and materials can be used in the landscape, and contractors know how best to solve these problems in the field. This is a great example of why using local talent is so important to creating landscapes here.

Fortunately Miami includes over 80 parks and gardens filled with good plant candidates for gardens here. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is among the best in the world for its collection of exotic plants. The Kampong in Cocoanut Grove is among the designated National Tropical Botanical Gardens, acting as a vital source of education through lectures and workshops.

The influence of Cuban immigrants is visible in Hialeah, a city west of Miami that is largely Latin in character. With a powerful emphasis on family life and cuisine, this is where landscapes share multigenerational appeal. Outdoor dining for larger gatherings is one of the most common requests of designers here. So are swimming pools with beaches and other features for children. Shade structures are vital to keeping seniors comfortable on humid summer days.

North of Miami half way to Fort Lauderdale is Hollywood, a small beach town that is an easy commute to either of these larger Florida cities. With affordable homes closer to the beach, it's a great community for creating that dream landscape with the rock waterfall swimming pool and spa. Here outdoor living spaces are designed to catch the sea breeze in the hot months and provide a solid roof over grilling and dining patios for use during the frequent rains. Developed much later in the 1960s, Pembroke Pines was laid out to the west of Hollywood offering additional housing. The prevalence of Mediterranean stucco tract homes provides opportunities for designers to use beautiful tile paving, limestone, colorful walls and elaborate outdoor spaces for dining and relaxation.

South of the city at the end of the turnpike is Homestead, the gateway to the Florida Keys. This is a small town where homes can vary from ordinary tract houses to large Spanish style estates. Such diversity provides many options for obtaining professional help to remodel or expand an older home into a tropical indoor-outdoor environment filled with foliage and color. Homes in the Keys are often larger waterfront properties highly vulnerable to storms. With marinas and beaches within walking distance, these landscapes tend to be simple and designed with special care to prevent storm damage.

The most important aspect of South Florida living is hurricanes, and many of these coastal cities have been devastated in the past. Therefore any landscape constructed here must be designed to withstand the extreme wind and flooding of these immense storms. Landscape architects are specially trained in the design of any outdoor structure to stand against awesome wind loads. The importance of a proper drainage plan for larger landscapes is essential to avoid standing water that can be devastating to many plants. This golden coast remains one of the most amazing communities in America due to its natural beauty and mild climate. It's no wonder that swimming pools are common and tropical plants abound, and for lucky residents, it's nearly always summer.

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