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So Cal Landscaping Ideas

Los Angeles Landscape Design

Landscaping inspiration from Los Angeles gardens

The luxury of a wonderful climate makes L.A. the ideal environment for outdoor living. From sustainable garden retreats to modern gas fire pits, your options are endless. If you live in Los Angeles and are in need of landscaping ideas check out these inspiring local gardens.

Plan for Entertaining This backyard was transformed from nothing but dirt and a hillside to an entertainer's paradise. It includes a pool, rope swing, bocce court, fire pit and more. A Hacienda theme is carried throughout the backyard. Learn more about this project: Boring Backyard Transformed into Entertainer's Delight

Be Modern This contemporary home got a matching front and backyard. In the front there's a bold orange walkway and in the back there's a pool with ipe decking. To learn more about this project: Contemporary Home Gets a Matching Landscape

Try a Permeable Patio This lush garden features a permeable patio made of grass pavers that have been filled with small, dark stones. A permeable patio allows rain and irrigation water to re-enter the soil, which is especially important in drought-prone Los Angeles.

Get a Custom Spa On a small city lot a pool is not always an option; however, you can have a custom spa installed. This modern spa is raised above ground level and covered with purple mosaic tile. Built-in wood and concrete seating makes it possible for people to stay dry while socializing with those in the spa.

Go Lawnless The owners of this Los Angeles home opted for a lawnless front yard. There landscaping now includes a wooden deck, custom water feature, drought-tolerant plants and comfortable lounge furniture. Gravel was used in place of lawn. Learn more: Lawnless Landscaping

Install a Modern Fire Pit Fire pits come in a variety of styles. This one's square shape and concrete finish make it very modern. The poured-in-place concrete seating softened by bright green cushions makes the space fun. Consider opting for a gas fire pit because it's easier to light than wood and produces no smoke.

Create Privacy Many Los Angeles homes but right up to busy sidewalks or nosy neighbors. A privacy fence like this one will make your garden feel secluded and quite. To keep a tall fence from blocking out too much light use lattice for the top portion.

Add a Fountain There's nothing more relaxing than the soft sound of flowing water. This small fountain has been placed in a planting bed adjacent to garden walkways. A fountain can be placed as a focal point, or tucked amongst plants to provide a nice surprise for visitors.

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