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Landscape Design

Landscaping Infographics

A visual collection of useful landscaping resources

We've put together these infographics to help you find information pertaining to landscaping in a quick and convenient manner. You'll find measurements for driveways gates, fire pits, volleyball courts and more. Quickly look up industry standards for outdoor countertop or fence heights. Plus get ideas and tips for vegetable gardening, using color in the landscape, or how to create a cohesive style in your yard. Our infographics feature original perspective drawings and high quality images so that you can easily locate what you are looking for.

Landscape Dimension Infographics

Backyard Dimensions (PDF)

Find standard measurements for decks, fireplaces, walls, countertops, fire pits, pools, ponds, fencing and walkways.

Front Yard Dimensions (PDF)

Easily locate measurements for gates, driveways, water features, retaining walls and walkways.

Sport Court Dimensions (PDF)

Get common court dimensions for basketball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, bocce ball, badminton, volleyball and tennis.

Landscape Design Infographics

Backyard Patio Design (PDF)

See the process of designing a backyard patio unfold on this illustrated flow chart.

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide (PDF)

Use this illustrated guide to find out what veggies to plant, when and how to plant them, as well as information on protecting and irrigating your edibles.

Using Color to Set the Mood in the Landscape (PDF)

Learn how to coordinate colors to create a garden that feels energetic, refreshing or elegant.

The Residential Landscaping Process (PDF)

See the residential landscape construction process broken down into four phases.

Landscape Styles Guide (PDF)

Browse 19 design sheets complete with recommendations for materials, décor, plants, colors and fabrics.

Landscape Lighting Effects (PDF)

See 9 lighting techniques and the effects they great in a garden. Learn what fixtures to use for each effect.

Rooftop Garden Tips (PDF)

Use this infographic to learn about rooftop & balcony garden design. Discover four design constraints unique to rooftops and see examples of successful designs.

Pergola Design Details (PDF)

Use this infographic to compare pergola roof styles, column types, shapes, architectural details and more.

View our collection of landscape drawings - includes color perspectives of walkways, sport courts, pools, patios, planting plans and more.

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