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Outdoor Fountains

Fountain Size Guidelines

Tips for selecting the right size for an outdoor fountain

A small outdoor fountain, such as this pondless one, is perfect for accent a planting bed, or adding ambiance to a patio. Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA.

In order for a fountain to become a cohesive part of a landscape design it will need to be the right size. There are a variety of fountains available, ranging from small wall models, to large three-tiered estate fountains. No matter the size of your deck, patio, courtyard or garden you will be able to find a water fountain that fits just right.

It is important to remember, that the size of a fountain must be proportionate to its surroundings. A large fountain will look best in a spacious garden, while a small fountain is suited for a small space. The size of your home also impacts how large an outdoor fountain should be.

A good rule-of-thumb is to use a large fountain for a focal point and a small fountain for an accent. In his book, The Hot Garden, Scott Calhoun suggests that a fountain should never be taller than 1/3 the height of your home. He also reminds readers that a fountain that is deeper than it is wide will help conserve water because there is less chance for evaporation.

Keep in mind that the larger a fountain is the heavier it will be. This can make transportation and installation difficult and costly, plus it will be difficult to move if you ever want to place it somewhere else or take it to a new home. Additionally, large fountains can be more expensive to maintain.

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