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Outdoor Fountains

Garden Fountain Considerations

Questions to ask before installing a garden fountain

Ask about maintenance and other considerations before having a fountain installed. Bell + Aqui Landscape Architecture in Miami, FL

It is very common for a landscape designer to include a fountain in the plans they create. Many professionals in the landscaping industry think of water as an essential component of landscape design. If your designer presents a plan for your yard that includes a water feature there are a series of questions you should answer before proceeding.

  1. How much maintenance will be required?
    It is important to consider this when selecting a fountain. All garden fountains will require maintenance, but some require more than others. Discuss with your designer how much work or money you are willing to put towards maintenance of a water feature.

  2. What level of sound will it produce?
    If a fountain is too quite or too loud this could pose a problem. Discuss your needs with your designer. Do you want something very subtle that can easily be spoken over? Or do you want something fairly noticeable that will mask unwanted sounds from the street or neighbors?

  3. How much does it weigh?
    Fountain weight is important because it will impact installation costs. Also, heavier fountains such as cast or carved stone are fairly permanent fixtures. This means that it would be very difficult to relocate the fountain to a different part of the garden or to another property.

  4. How should it be winterized?
    The pump and plumbing of a fountain can easily become damaged in freezing temperatures. Discuss the options for what to do with the fountain during the winter. The most recommended option is to drain the fountain, cover it and store it in a garage or shed.

  5. Is it a self-contained fountain with an integrated pump and reservoir?
    If the fountain is not self-contained then a reservoir and pump will need to be purchased separately and someone with plumbing skills will need to do the install. Fountains that are self-contained install quickly, while fountains that are not may last longer and will likely be easier to repair if something goes wrong.

Tip: Many people overlook the issue of splash and end up with a fountain that sprays water all over their patio. Make sure your fountains pump is not too powerful and that the water flow is adjusted to a reasonable level.

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