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Brick Color

Compare five popular colors for brick paving

Brick was the first manufactured building material and has been used for centuries. If you’re considering brick for your landscaping project, don’t feel limited by color. Nowadays, there are many more color options than the standard red. In fact, you have many options ranging from reds, pinks, grays and browns. The colors can be combined in patterns as well to achieve the look and feel of the space you are envisioning. Below are examples of popular brick colors, as well as descriptions to help you decide which color will work best for you.

  • Pro Tip: My favorite brick to use is a 5” by 9” straw-colored fire brick - it goes well with our local stone. But it is a little pricey (about 50% more than the locally produced red brick).
    --Margie Grace of Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA

Whatever color you decide, be sure to consider other elements within your landscape. Make sure the color of the brick complements and works with the color of your home, your hardscape, and your style. Take into consideration not only the color of your home but its architecture, and make sure that the colored brick is the best option for this area. Creating a color palette for your yard is a great way to go about making a decision on a color.

  • Pro Tip: We often use brown or gray bricks for bordering a large field of paving. This helps set off a patio, drive or walk from its surroundings.
    --Kyle Ritchey of Milieu Design in Wheeling, IL

Contributing Author:

Sarah Hutchinson, contributing writer for Landscaping Network

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