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Brick Cost

Find out the average price per square foot for brick paving

When having any type of paving installed you can expect to pay for two elements: materials and labor. In the case of a brick patio the materials you will need include bricks, edging, gravel and sand (or concrete and mortar). Concerning labor, these costs can vary widely depending on the difficulty of the installation.

When compared with other paving materials, brick is a mid-range option. If you are looking for something more affordable you should consider decomposed granite or plain concrete. Pavers will come in at a similar cost to brick and natural flagstone will be more expensive.

Low End - simple running bond pattern
(approximately $12 per square foot)
High End - intricate pattern requiring many cuts (approximately $22 per square foot)

National Price Ranges for Brick

These ranges will vary depending on your specific location and the contractor you hire. Get three quotes to ensure you get a fair price and a quality product. Here are five estimates for brick installations (including materials and labor):

  • Southern California: $12-22 per square foot
  • Texas: $8-18 per square foot
  • Illinois: $12-25 per square foot
  • New York: $10-20 per square foot
  • Massachusetts: $10-15 per square foot

Factors that impact the installed cost of brick paving:

  • Installation method: dry laid versus mortared
  • Pattern: simple versus intricate
  • Brick type: new brick, used brick or salvaged brick
  • Property challenges: grade correction, drainage systems, demolition, etc.

Why intricate patterns will increase the cost:Brick is a material that comes in a standard size and shape. In order to create curved edges, medallion designs or other unique looks, the brick must be cut. Cutting brick adds a considerable amount of work and time to the installation process. If your contractor charges an hourly rate for labor you can expect to pay for at least a few additional hours for cutting.

Depending on the pattern you choose, Margie Grace of Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, Calif. says you can expect to pay $12-15/sq. ft. installed for dry laid brick or $18-22/sq. ft. installed for mortared brick over concrete. Depending on the quality of materials, Kyle Ritchey of Milieu Design in Wheeling, Ill. says you can expect to pay $12-25/sq. ft. installed.

  • Pro Tip: My favorite brick to use is a 5” x 9” straw-colored fire brick - it goes well with our local stone. But it’s a little pricey (about 50% more than the locally produced red brick).
    --Margie Grace, of Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA

Grace explains that if you pick a simple pattern, the cost of the materials and the cost of the labor will be about even. In other words, for every one dollar you spend on the bricks, you will also spend one on installation. However, if you go with an intricate pattern, the labor costs will increase, making the price of labor outweigh that of the materials. This added cost is worth it if you want a truly custom brick surface.

Ways to save money on brick paving:

  • Do any prep work or demolition yourself
  • Opt for a dry laid installation
  • Look for used brick or surplus materials from someone else’s job that are available at a discounted price
  • Opt for a simple pattern such as running bond
  • Downsize the square footage of your patio, walk or driveway

Note: This information was compiled from landscaping companies across the U.S. The best way to find out what you can expect to pay for a brick patio, walkway or driveway is to have a local contractor come to your home and provide a bid.

Contributing Author:

Sarah Hutchinson, contributing writer for Landscaping Network

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