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Atlanta has long been known as the "city in a forest" due to the sheer number of trees that shade this warm, southern city, blending its downtown into the natural woodlands of Georgia's northern landscape. It was dubbed "hotlanta" during the 1996 Olympics, attesting to the heat and humidity of the southern summers. There is no question that Atlanta residents long to escape air conditioning to relax and dine in elegant landscapes for outdoor living without ever leaving home.

North Metro Atlanta features many old neighborhoods with beautiful stately homes, bungalows and vintage farm style houses. This drives a healthy interest in landscapes to make these restoration projects both beautiful and functional outdoors. So too are the former industrial districts that are now being redesigned into lofts and other unconventional homes that feature roof gardens, spas and other urban amenities. Such a diversity of housing results in a healthy design community and a wealth of landscape contractors to create upscale spaces for individuals or entire families to enjoy the climate that so favors gardening and peach trees.

Gardens in Atlanta reflect old traditions in vintage neighborhoods where the live oaks and azaleas contribute to the regional design vernacular. In the city, the wealth of southeastern native plants can be seen blooming at the Austin Botanical Garden where ongoing activities and classes are a valuable learning experience. In the Buckhead district is the Atlanta History Center where gardens detail the cultural influences of the area and include a wealth of great ideas.

Flight to the suburbs occurred here too as the city grew beyond its older neighborhoods to establish new subdivisions and bedroom communities to the north of metropolitan Atlanta. Here Sandy Springs is a short drive into the city but residents resisted assimilation, preferring to retain their unique sense of place. Here expansive subdivisions and moderate incomes drive an active market in backyard sports lawns, swimming pools and outdoor grilling centers.

The Chattahoochee River runs along the northern most part of this area, linking up with Lake Sidney Lanier to the north. Along this river the city of Duluth emerged as a 19th century center for cotton and railroads. Located on the south bank, this city is well beyond the sprawl of Atlanta yet still just a twenty mile commute from downtown. It provides a haven for outdoor living and sports on the river and nearby Lake Sydney Lanier.

Well north of Atlanta is Marietta, a city that is now dubbed Atlanta's largest suburb. Once a Western and Atlantic Railroad hub, which would later relocate to Atlanta, Marietta did not become well recognized until the massive aviation firm of Lockheed Martin was established in Marietta to become its primary employer. With higher income per capita, this is a quiet residential area that enjoys outdoor living, swimming and dining, with special emphasis on the relaxed atmosphere of the Old South.

Out in the country, the home of award winning Atlanta landscaper Jim Gibbs is a perfect day outing just an hour's drive north of the city. This 300 acre landscape was recently opened to the public as Gibbs Gardens. Here you'll find world class north Georgia woodland gardens and plants that reflect many landscape styles and overall character that the local climate allows.

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