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Tropical-Style Swimming Pool & Slide

See how this pool features a tropical design with a waterslide, climbing rock and diving bridge

A video transcript featuring Scott Cohen, The Green Scene

Today we're here to take a look at a family-fun backyard. We've got a nice pool. It's a 30- by 20-foot rock pool; it's got a tropical theme. Behind that pool we've got a spa that's an oversized spa that will seat 8 to 12 people.

Cave slide
There's a slide that's a cave slide. It's 22 feet long, but for 10 feet of that you're shooting through a dark cave before you get out into the refreshing swimming pool.

Climbing rock and jumping bridge
Next to that, one of the fun features that I added in this backyard is a climbing rock, so kids can actually climb out of the pool, up to the top of the rock, and climb onto a jumping bridge. From that bridge, they can jump off into the swimming pool into 7 ½ feet of water. Any time you have something where you're jumping off from the side of a pool, for safety's sake you've got to make sure that it's deep enough to accommodate the bathers. We don't recommend ever diving head-first into a swimming pool.

Pool design
This pool is about 20 by 30 feet in size, which works out great for a family of this size in a backyard like this. This pool actually sets out over what used to be a slope, and by building a free-standing pool design, we're able to expand the look of this yard by gaining 15 feet of yard space, making this a tropical paradise.

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