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Traditional Style Landscape Design

See what materials and layouts are best suited for a traditional style landscape design.

A video transcript featuring Ive Haugeland, Shades of Green Landscape Architecture

We actually did the neighboring garden here a year before, and then these clients came to us after seeing the neighbor's garden. So this house is a spec house and it came with a lawn and a tiny, tiny little patio. So the clients wanted to get some more space for entertaining outside. The client wanted to have a play structure for the kids, and they wanted to grow their own fruit and vegetables. So we kind of divided the garden up in zones. Right outside the kitchen there is the outdoor kitchen and the fire pit and that whole patio area with the water feature.

The water feature acts as a focal point with a stone wall that kind of becomes the focal point of the garden. The play structure was placed way in the other end of the yard so there's a lawn between, as a little buffer zone and also a place for playing on the lawn.

Espaliered fruit treesThe growing area is right next to the driveway, and because we had limited space, we used a lot of espaliered fruit trees to grow on the side, and that will also create a very nice, tight kind of hedgy feeling when you drive up the driveway.

Fence plantingsThis development has a lot of fences, and the houses are tied together. So one of the main concerns was to get rid of that fenced-in feeling. So we did that by planting trees. There were actually a couple of trees here, so we added more of the same, Arbutus Marina. We also did some variegated pittosporum, so we'll cover the fence. And also grasses are a great plant for having something that grows up really fast to cover fences.

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