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Patio Seat Walls

See how stone seat walls can be used to frame a patio and create a room-like feeling

A video transcript featuring Ive Haugeland, Shades of Green Landscape Architecture

On this property we used a lot of walls. A lot of the walls frame different patios. A lot of them are seat walls, which means they are about 18 inches tall so you can easily sit on them. It creates for a lot of informal seating. We also have some taller walls; some take up different elevations and some are for framing reasons.

Using retaining walls helps you create more flat space, so you can cut into hillsides and get more seating area. For example, right behind me there's a little hillside. For the walls in this part of the garden, we used a ledged stone with a travertine cap to match the paving. Up front we used these walls that are just covered in field stone because we wanted these two different looks.

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