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Circular Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

See the features of this U-shaped outdoor kitchen countertop

A video transcript featuring Scott Cohen, The Green Scene

This outdoor kitchen has it all. This is a large, U-shaped counter, and the U-shape configuration works well for entertaining large groups, which is one of the things that the client wanted to make sure we were able to do here. This outdoor kitchen has all the elements you could want for entertaining. We've got a large, oversized grill, a side sear zone, which cooks to about 1400 degrees. That's great for searing your steaks and chops, which you can't really do on a regular barbecue grill. In fact, if you like a seared Ahi tuna you can't do that on a regular barbecue because it will only cook to about 450 degrees, but on a sear zone you can get it perfect. Next to that there's an oversized side burner that also works as a wok burner and as a teppan grill. There are storage drawers and through-the-counter trash chute. You've also got a fully functional outdoor sink here with a beverage center attached to it.

Customized concrete countertopsThese countertops have a large bar counter that serves up to about 12 bar stools here, which is great for entertaining large groups. Or you can clear that furniture when you have big parties and you can put a caterer or a bartender behind this counter. To customize this counter for the client - they like to refurbish Jeeps - so we have Jeeps in the backsplash here. In the tropical backyard, we made them more like beach scene Jeeps, but it works great and tied into the homeowner's hobby, which is something I personally like to do whenever possible. These countertops are cast concrete. They've got a rope-style edge on them. We've hand-seeded them with lots of different colors of recycled glass and then bottom fed it with fiber-optic lights, so at night this counter really comes to life.

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