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San Diego Landscaping Ideas

Landscape design inspiration from San Diego gardens

San Diego has a very desirable Mediterranean climate that lends itself well to outdoor living. Some of the best designed and most inspirational gardens can be found in and around San Diego. When planning your garden there is no shortage of projects completed by local landscapers and gardeners from which to get ideas. You can also get inspiration from this list of San Diego climate plants.

Vanishing Edge Pool Learn about how a San Diego designer created an elegant pool and garden with lake views. The surrounding landscape features low-water plants and low-voltage lighting. Learn more about this project: Vanishing-Edge Pool Enhances Lakeside Vista

Natural Driveway Drainage Tumbled rock serves as a decorative border and a natural drainage channel along this concrete driveway. Most San Diego soil has high amounts of clay and rocks and can be very dry, making drainage an issue during times of heavy rain. Add an impervious surface like concrete to the mix and you've got a problem. For more information, check out these 4 driveway drainage solutions.

Colorful Mosaic Walls These artistic garden walls serve to retain dirt along a San Diego driveway. Colorful ceramic tiles were set in an acrylic mortar and then grouted to create a playful underwater scene. If you're thinking about dressing up your landscaping walls but aren't sure about a mosaic try painting them a solid color.

Botanical Patio Cover This out-of-the-ordinary patio cover provides shade for a small patio at a San Diego residence. Rusted steel cut into organic leaf shapes provides a nearly solid roof, while rays of light are allowed to filter through small openings and leaves made of vibrant stained glass. For more traditional patio cover designs check out our pergola photo gallery.

Custom Driveway Gate This distinctive sliding gate provides a unique entrance to a private San Diego garden. Hand-forged metal mimics a variety of plants that can be found in the surrounding landscape. A memorable driveway gate like this one creates a great first impression for visitors.

Private Courtyard Lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures make San Diego's climate perfect for outdoor living. The owners of this home created a usable private space at their front entry by walling in a courtyard with stucco walls. Terra cotta containers with fruit trees, an outdoor dining table and a lion head fountain complete the Mediterranean feel. Learn more about courtyard garden design.

Water-Wise Walkway Since Southern California is facing a drought, water conservation is a big concern in San Diego. This irregular flagstone walkway with a cobblestone border and drought-tolerant dymondia ground cover is permeable, which means it allows water to reenter the soil. Get more permeable paving design ideas.

Meditation Labyrinth This labyrinth is made of narrow, shiny black granite pavers set in pea gravel. The focal point is a weathered metal sculpture created by the homeowner. If you are lucky enough to have a large piece of property in San Diego County you could also create a labyrinth to be used for meditation or prayer.

Encinitas Garden Tour These amazing photos taken at the 2011 Encinitas Garden Tour near San Diego, CA will surely inspire you. Some of the highlights include cozy and unique fireplaces, fountains, gates, and more.

Photos taken by at the Spring 2011 Garden Tour: Take a Botanical Odyssey, hosted by the San Diego Horticultural Society.

San Diego Horticultural Society
P.O. Box 231869
Encinitas, CA 92023-1869
(760) 295-7089

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