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Modular Flagstone Paving Mats

Save time & money with natural stone flagmats

ROX PRO Flagmats from Real Stone Source are modular units that aid in the installation consistency and speed of natural flagstone. The 5.4 sq. ft. sections simplify the process of laying flagstone paving by by allowing an installer to quickly lay mats adjacent to each other instead of cutting, fitting and placing traditional flagstone. Each piece of flagstone is hand-selected and adhered to mesh matting, resulting in a consistent and reliable end product.

Installers like Flagmat because it allows them to:

  • Lay 5.4 sq. ft. per mat (for the Traditional Series)
  • Have consistent grout joints and overall appearance without extensive planning, cutting, or waste
  • Virtually eliminate the selection process due to ROX PRO's color and quality specification standards

ROX PRO Flagmat is a particularly easy and cost effective option for overlaying an existing concrete slab with natural stone. Some contractors have been able to install the mats for less than $10 a sq. ft. (materials and labor).

ROX PRO Flagmat is available in 8 colors:

  • Sienna Sunset
  • Autumn Horizon
  • Black Mountain
  • Glacier Bay
  • Placer Gold
  • Sierra Blue
  • Alpine Jade
  • Twilight Mica Schist

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