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3 New Small Yard Landscaping Techniques Help Maximize Small Landscapes

New small yard landscaping tips on feature three professional techniques for maximizing small front and backyard landscapes.

CALIMESA, CA February 24, 2012- Three new small yard landscaping tips on help consumers maximize small landscapes with small space design techniques. One industry expert offers landscape design tips for creating outstanding small front and backyard landscapes.

Designing for small front and backyard spaces can pose some interesting challenges for landscape designers and consumers. Small yard spaces should be detail oriented, with special considerations being made for both front yard landscaping and back yard landscaping.

As highlighted, there are three basic design techniques that all designers can follow to maximize small yard landscapes. The first technique mentioned includes planning for multiple focal points. This idea centers around creating a space that is visually engaging to guests, allowing them to find new focal points throughout the space.

The second technique compares designing for square inches rather than square feet. Because these spaces are so small and require a precise layout, designers must be sure that all desired amenities fit accordingly. A few inches lost because of design errors may mean leaving out a desired fire pit or water feature.

Lastly, consumers should not be afraid to splurge on higher-end materials and décor that can greatly enhance the space. Designing for a small front or backyard may allow for opportunities to indulge in higher quality products that still fit well within the set budget.

By focusing on the details, beautiful landscapes can be created out of even the smallest of spaces. Visit for more innovative ways to design for small landscapes, including how to incorporate pools, outdoor kitchens and more.

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