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Landscape Design Reveals 5 Common Landscape Design Mistakes

Information on the top five landscape design mistakes helps consumers build better landscapes by avoiding common design errors.

CALIMESA, CA November 10, 2011- Protect your landscaping investment by making smart design choices from the start. has revealed the top five mistakes consumers and designers make when designing a landscape, along with tips on how to avoid these design blunders.

When it comes to building the ultimate landscape, whether it be an extravagant backyard oasis or cozy courtyard, having a clear understanding of good landscape design techniques will result in a beautiful, functional space. Failing to come up with a good design from the start can cause headaches and unnecessary expenses down the road.

Five of the most common landscape design mistakes are:

  1. Spaces created are too small to use.
  2. There is no clear connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  3. Piecemeal design.
  4. The use of oversized plants.
  5. Underestimating the importance of good design.

With just a little extra care and attention to detail, these easy-to-make mistakes can be easily avoided. Find information on proper patio and walkway sizing. Get tips on transitioning and conjoining a new outdoor design with an existing indoor space. Learn how plants can complement a space by choosing the correct size. And most importantly, get tips for hiring a qualified designer that understands the importance of good design principles.

For more examples of good design techniques and ideas, browse through over 125 landscape design videos provided by on YouTube.

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For consumers ready to turn their landscaping design dreams into reality, the site offers an easy-to-use Find a Professional directory to find local landscape designers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

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